Text Equivalent - Chapter 7 - Medical Surveillance Program - Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines (CBSG) - First Edition

Figure 7-1: Example of an Emergency Medical Contact Card

This figure depicts examples of the front and back of an emergency medical contact card. The front of the card contains the card holder’s name, the date of issue, a summary of the infectious materials or toxins that are handled by the individual and whether the card holder is working with non-human primates. In addition, a statement reads “This card is to be kept in the possession of the laboratory employee and presented to a physician if an illness occurs that may be associated with a pathogen used within the laboratory (see reverse)”. The back of the card contains the name and address of the facility where the individual works as well as the name, and work and home telephone numbers for two emergency contacts. In addition, a short statement reads “To the physician – this employee works in an environment where pathogenic microorganisms are present. Please contact the individuals listed below for information on the agents to which this individual may have been exposed”.

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